Ghost Recon Wildlands is having a free weekend to mark the release of its team deathmatch mode

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Tactical open-world shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands (opens in new tab) is going free-to-play from Thursday until Sunday this week. You'll get access to the full base game and the new PvP team deathmatch mode called Ghost War, which launches tomorrow.

Anyone that wants to own it after trying it out will get 50% off any edition, so the most basic version will cost around £22.50/$30. Any progress you make in the free trial will carry over to the full game.

It doesn't look like the free weekend will extend to Steam, so to play you'll have to sign into your Ubisoft account and click here (opens in new tab). If you're particularly keen, you can start pre-loading it right now. 

Phil's review (opens in new tab) might help you decide whether to jump in or not.

Ghost War will be free to anyone that already owns the game—it's a 4v4 mode with 12 classes where you can revive teammates and tag enemies. From what I've seen it looks interesting, and the small squad size could encourage more teamwork than in most shooters.

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