Dragon's Prophet enters open beta May 30

Dragons. Let's face it: the poor beasts are generally woefully misrepresented in video games. Dragonborn's dragon-riding feature was decidedly underwhelming , and the Sims 3's attempt at beastliness doesn't look capable of roasting more than a marshmallow. To top it off, WoW's Vial of the Sands simply transformed you into something dopey-looking and vomit-colored, and people would demand to ride on your back . That's why we're hoping that Sony Online Entertainment's next free-to-play MMO, Dragon's Prophet, will restore badassery to the serpentine beings when it opens for beta at the end of this month.

The fantasy MMO has been in closed beta for awhile, but we've heard few roars bursting forth from the gates to the dragony kingdom till now. Dragon's Prophet will have you capturing, trainining, riding, or—if you're a bit of a jerk—even fighting "hundreds of unique dragons."

"Ah, but if everyone gets to ride a massive dragon, doesn't that make no one a badass?" I hear you ask. And maybe that's why Sony Online have concocted their own Founders program . Besides three tiers of the usual stuff—in-game currency, items, and titles for your toons—players can also get a headstart, entering beta a day earlier than the rest of the population for a brief leg-up on the name-claiming leveling progress.

It isn't long until the open beta, but you can still try for the closed beta on Dragon Prophet's website .