Get the Torchlight II and Black Mesa soundtracks for no dollars

If you're itching to expand your game music collection without expending any resources beyond the energy it takes to click your mouse a few times, you're in luck today! The maestros behind the sonic accompaniments for Black Mesa and Torchlight II have made their respective compositions available completely free.

The Torchlinght II soundtrack can be found here , and contains 28 tracks for your dungeon-crawling, loot-hoarding enjoyment.

The Black Mesa soundtrack is available here , with over 3000 seconds of variously-paced tunes to keep you company in your treks through alien-infested science facilities. There is also a donate button that lets you chip in anywhere from $3 to $100 (Canadian) to support the composer.

We can't wait to welcome these costless collections into our wellsprings of auditory coolness, and suggest you do so, too.