Get ready to hunt rebels with Star Wars Battlefront 2's new trailer

If there was any doubt that Iden Versio, Star Wars Battlefront 2’s protagonist, was a total badass, the new single-player trailer certainly dispels them. A few seconds in, the soon-to-be commander of Inferno Squad launches herself into space to avoid capture at the hand of the rebels. She might be working for the bad guys, but I’m already rooting for her.

I have to wonder, though, is she going to stay loyal to the Empire? Likable Imperial protagonists have a tendency to realise the Empire’s bad news and defect. The trailer suggests that she might have a bit of a problem taking orders, but otherwise there’s no hint that she won’t stick by the Empire. 

We see her witness the destruction of the second Death Star above Endor, and then her recruitment into the Inferno Squad, with a mission to avenge the Emperor’s death, hunting down rebels, including Luke Skywalker. 

At the end, there are also some nods to The Force Awakens in the form of Maz Kanata and Takodana, where Rey meets her and gets her hands on Luke’s Lightsaber. Given that much of the campaign is set after Return of the Jedi, I expect we’ll see more nods to the new films too. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is due out on November 17.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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