Get in on Ridge Racer Driftopia's PC beta

Upcoming free-to-play Ridge Racer Driftopia—which already has kind of a cheeseball name—has coined a new term, "Free 2 Drift," which I'm sure is a name that nobody will regret within the fortnight. And it's out now. Kind of. It's technically in closed beta, but worming your way into the racing crowd is a cinch.

We previously enjoyed Ridge Racer Unbounded , and now Namco Bandai has quietly opened up closed beta registrations to its follow-up. All you need to do is visit the Ridge Racer Driftopia website , give up your name, birthdate, and email address to the internet lords, and hit the "OK" button. That's it. No filling out forms detailing your online gaming history, no system scans, nothing (except agreeing to let Namco Bandai e-mail you). Now that's the sort of hard-and-fast racing my armchair-dwelling self can get behind!

Driftopia's reportedly heading to PlayStation Portable later in the year, but for now, the closed beta appears to remains exclusive to us PC gamers. Going by the trailer below, this is looking to be some of the most fear-inducing driving we've seen since we terrorized Liberty City with a hijacked garbage truck.