Get Evil Genius 2: World Domination for under AU$43 today only

Evil Genius 2 review
(Image credit: Rebellion)

Evil Genius 2: World Domination releases tomorrow, and all signs point to it being an enjoyable villain management game. Evan called it "a superbly stylish and surprisingly challenging management game," adding that when it's on form, "it's one of the best management games out there."

If you're keen to jump into Evil Genius 2 as soon as it unlocks, Fanatical has it for AU$44.59, which is 22 percent lower than its AU$56.95 RRP. The online retailer has offered PC Gamer readers a further discount on that price: if you use the code PCG25 you'll get a further 5.06 percent off, bringing the price down to AU$42.71.

The code works with the Deluxe Edition as well. The RRP on that is AU$84.95, but Fanatical is offering it for AU$67.11. With the code PCG25 you'll get it for AU$63.71.

If you're wondering whether to dive into the bad guy management sim, check out our review.