Get Dead Cells for 31 percent off today

Dead Cells is still in Steam's Early Access right now, but people apparently already love it. It's cheaper than normal to get in on the action today, as you can get the game for 31 percent off at Bundle Stars (opens in new tab)

Dead Cells is a Metroidvania-style 2D game with Rogue-like elements and some light Souls-y combat. While it's not bringing anything particularly new to the table, from what Shaun played (opens in new tab), what it does, it does well. If you don't want to risk buying an Early Access game just yet, Dead Cells seems as though it'll be worth keeping an eye on.

The sale on Bundle Stars takes 27 percent off the price, and you can enter the code RED5 at checkout for an extra little bit of money off. It's also discounted in the Steam Summer Sale, however you only get 15 percent off on the main store.

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