Get Bastion and Transistor with 80 percent discount this weekend

“Bastion grabbed my heart exactly one minute and 30 seconds after it started,” reads the first line of PC Gamer’s 2011 Bastion review, which is a feeling that never left me until the game’s end. The action-RPG is now (somehow) five years old but still stands as one of my all time favourites—which is why I think you should check it out this weekend via Steam’s Supergiant Games Anniversary Sale.   

Although hard at work on its next venture Pyre—which Tom described as “like The Oregon Trail mixed with Rocket League”—Supergiant will spend this weekend celebrating Bastion’s fifth birthday. Both it and and its genre-similar sibling Transistor are subject to an 80 percent discount. Transistor didn’t quite hit the same highs as its forerunner, but wowed with its vivid hand-drawn cyberpunk world and cool time-freeze combat mechanic. 

The price reduction means you can grab Bastion for £2.19/$2.99/2,99€, and Transistor for £2.99/$3.99/3,79€. Should you wish to pick up the Supergiant Collection—which includes both games and their official soundtracks—that’ll set you back £6.98/$9.86/9,68€. All offers run from now until Monday 6pm BST/10am PT.