Get a water-resistant mechanical keyboard for just $20 today

The question isn't whether a mechanical keyboard is a worthy upgrade over a membrane plank—it is—but which one should you buy? We have several recommendations for the best gaming keyboard, based on testing. If you're looking to go cheap, however, you can snag an Aukey mechanical keyboard with Outemu Blue key switches for $19.75 today.

Aukey's KM-G9 isn't expensive to begin with, as it's priced at $25.99 on Amazon. However, you can knock a few bucks off by using coupon code JGOFJDJO at checkout.

This isn't as fully featured as some pricier planks—there's no LED backlighting or dedicated gaming/macro keys, for example. It does have some interesting features though. It sports a brushed metal panel, 100 percent anti-ghosting, and water resistance. Aukey also tosses in a keycap puller, and backs the deck with a 2-year warranty.

Go here to grab this keyboard. Or, if it isn't for you, check out the best gaming keyboard choices for 2018.

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Paul Lilly

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