Get a free Steam key for Weird Worlds, with Bundle Stars

Weird Worlds

"Space exploration, adventure and starship combat" is the alluring combination of elements promised by Weird Worlds, a game that lets you explore the mysterious "Purple Zone" and enjoy a bite-sized, randomly generated space opera every time you play. We've got a big bucket full of Steam keys to give away today with Bundle Stars.

The developers of Weird Worlds, Digital Eel, are currently working on their Weird Worlds follow-up, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars. It's 75% on the Bundle Stars store now, and lets you build a whole flotilla of craft as you explore the galaxy, meeting strange alien species and upgrading your vessel with new technology.

We're giving away these keys in association with Bundle Stars, who specialise in creating big game bundles to offer customers discounts of up to 97%. You can also find plenty of new deals popping up every day on the Bundle Stars site. To grab your free Steam key for Weird Worlds, simply follow the instructions below.


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