Get a black and green racing style leather gaming chair for $66

Our favorite gaming chair is the Vertagear SL5000 (see here to see what we recommend from regular crop of chairs). It's a sweet place to park your backside, though if you're not looking to spend anywhere near the $350 street price, then check out this Essentials chair that is on sale at Amazon.

The Essentials model (ESS-3085-GRN) is obviously in a different class, but it's also much more affordable—Amazon has it marked down to a little less than $66, versus its regular selling price of $100 and up.

While it does not have all of the same amenities as the Vertagear SL500, the Essentials model does bring a racing theme to your desk environment. It's also made of "SofThread" leather and features various ergonomic adjustments, such as 360-degree swivel action, height adjustment, recline, and flip-up arms.

The sale price is only applicable to the green and black model. There is also a gray and black version, but it runs about $30 more.

Go here to grab this chair on sale. You may have to manually select Amazon (and its discounted price) from the right-hand column, as it does not always load Amazon as the default seller.

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Paul Lilly

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