Get a 5TB external hard drive for $108 at Newegg

Everyone knows by now that your PC and games will run the best off a solid state drive. However, SSDs haven't killed off the old spinning hard drives just yet, because they're still great for bulk, and more importantly, cheap storage. You can get a massive 5TB Seagate Expansion external hard drive for $108 today on Newegg.

The Seagate Expansion just so happens to be our favorite high-capacity portable hard drive. It doesn't need external power, nor do you need to install any software for it to work. It's got a whole bunch of storage space, and the value for money is up there with the best. 

There's already a deal running taking the price down from $150 to $120, and you can also add the code PLUS10 at checkout to get an extra 10 percent off, taking the price down even more to $108. Coming in at $22 per terabyte of storage, it's tough to go wrong. Of course, it won't be as fast as an SSD or flash-based drives, so bear that in mind when making your purchase.

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