Geralt is now in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and I'm not even kidding

You may not know the name Doug Cockle, but the odds are pretty good that you know his work. He provided the voice of Geralt, The Witcher, guiding the character from humble roots in 2007 to major mainstream success as one of the most recognizable and fully-realized videogame protagonists of all time. And with that great character finally retired in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's acclaimed 2016 DLC Blood and Wine, Cockle has now moved on to his next big role: An optional GPS voice in Euro Truck Simulator 2

"You're going too fast!" Geralt—that is, Cockle—says in this video courtesy of YouTuber Milan. The relevant bit begins at 1:10 and is entitled Doug (Raspy), although I'm not sure if that's the official description or just something he came up with. Either way, it's appropriate, and when Doug tells me to "get ready to turn left," you better believe my hand is moving to the turn signal with a quickness. 

The voice isn't quite dead-on Geralt but it's close enough that when he says "It's all over now" as the driver pulls into the lot, it makes me think that somebody wasn't checking their blind spot before changing lanes—and that there will be consequences.

Thanks, Kotaku.   

Andy Chalk

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