Genesis Noir is a stark romp through the entire universe

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Scientists are still having a hard time explaining the Big Bang, so I imagine stopping it outright would be much harder. Nevertheless, that's your goal in Genesis Noir, which developer Feral Cat Den describes as a poetic adventure game where, in order to save your love, you've got to stop the universe from expanding. Godspeed.  

Genesis Noir is a game about recognizing patterns and playing with things. Its simple, tactile puzzles give off a cathartic vibe and look fun to play with, like the sensation of pushing your hands into cold sand, y'know? You can sample its satisfying interactions in this cool interactive demo where you connect stars to form jazz riffs.  

The monochromatic art pairs well with the astronomy motif, but rather than stars in the sky, characters are more like caricatures, all spindly limbs and billowy hair. Each level is set in "a part of The Big Bang" according to the game's official site, and I want to know how they differ visually. There's a lot of room to do some crazy, abstract stuff. 

Genesis Noir is currently on Kickstarter, with Feral Cat Den asking for $40,000 to bring it to life. At the time of writing, it's campaign has earned $25,778 and will run for another six days.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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