Gemini Rue woos Steam

Gemini Rue

We were utterly impressed with 16-bit-style point-and-clicker Gemini Rue, which combines a beautifully scummy atmosphere with proper adult sci-fi storytelling. It's already shown up in the Indie Royale bundle , but it's also been added to Steam 's growing catalogue of point and click adventure titles. The Steam version adds a couple of new features - cloud saving, and 15 in-game achievements.

"I can't begin to say how excited we are to have Gemini Rue on Steam," said Wadjet Eye's CEO Dave Gilbert. "We've worked very hard to get here and the support from hardcore gamers has been invaluable."

But we're left with a dilemma. Do we get it off-Steam for £3.34 with three other games thrown in via Indie Royale? Or do we head to Steam and pay almost twice as much for the single game, plus achievements to brag to our mates about? This is probably the most important thing we'll ever have to think about. What are you going to do, dear reader?

EDIT: According to Indie Royale's Twitter , the pack does include a Steam code for Gemini Rue - but you'll only get it once the bundle's finished. Thanks Random2323, another dilemma solved!