Updated: GeForce drivers 364.47 are causing catastrophic errors

GeForce GTX 980Ti KeyVisual LR

Update: A new version of the offending drivers, 364.51, is now WHQL-certified and good to go. This version should provide better performance in The Division, Hitman, Need for Speed, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ashes of the Singularity without crashing your rig.

Original: Following a storm of error reports, Nvidia has pulled GeForce drivers v364.47 from general release. Malfunctions range from your basic stuttering to black screens, blue screens and crashes that leave you stuck in infinite boot loops. Rather ominously, the odd member on the GeForce forums has been requesting warranty advice. I'll wager that the Nvidia office resembles one of the nastier planes of hell around now.

"Initial investigation suggests the issue was related to doing an "Express" installation," Nvidia said in a statement. "If you happen to have a pending installation of 364.47, we recommend that you do not install it and either use the new 364.51 beta version or wait for the WHQL certified version."

If you have them installed already, I'd recommend rolling back whether or not you've had problems. Nothing ruins a day like having to perform a fresh OS install with no Windows 10 back-up.