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Gears of War 4 bumps up credit and XP rewards in Horde mode

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Gears of War 4's Horde mode was tweaked a tad over the weekend, resulting in higher credit and XP earn rates in both public and private matches. The Coalition announced the permanent update on the official Gears of War forums, where  adjustments have been in demand since the game's launch. 

According to the very general update notes, credit earn rates have increased across all difficulties. Basically, you should be getting more credits per match than before, no matter how you choose to play. 

"We have shifted total credit earn rates to tie a bit more in with finishing the waves and less on finishing consecutive waves," the update continues. "This is to help players not feel as if they are being punished for trying higher difficulties and not always making it to 50."

Meanwhile, The Coalition has "also increased the Level XP earn rate on classes". The new changes follow similar boosts to rewards in an update issued a fortnight ago, so it looks like earning in-game lucre should be a bit easier now than it was at launch. 

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