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Gearbox issues another tease, this time for Duke Nukem or Bulletstorm

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Gearbox has a lot going on, enough to sustain a week's worth of near constant social media teases. The company will give a keynote address at PAX East next week, and after already hinting at a bunch of Borderlands-related stuff (including Borderlands 3), a new Penn & Teller game, and something else that we don't recognize, there's yet another announcement on the cards.

That announcement seems related either to Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem, perhaps even both. Gearbox Tweeted this today:

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You may recall that when Gearbox issued its re-release of Bulletstorm in 2017, Duke Nukem was available as a DLC playable character. Hence the ambiguity regarding this tease: does it mean more Bulletstorm, or more Duke, or just a bit of one of those in something else? 

Obviously we won't know until next week, but if it's a new Bulletstorm game, it seems unlikely that People Can Fly will be developing it — apparently it has a Square Enix-published game in the offing. And if it's a Duke Nukem game or, indeed, anything Duke Nukem related, maybe we deserve it.

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