Gamigo services affected by "illegal intrusion"


It looks as though German MMO publisher, Gamigo , has been hit by hackers. Trying to access their site brings up a publisher message saying that the company have "detected an illegal intrusion" into the gamigo Account System, and have "turned off all possibly affected services to investigate."

Services "might be down for a while," they say, but important customer details should be safe."Gamigo always stores all passwords encrypted and no access to account names and other data is confirmed. Game services are unaffected and your character data including items is secured by additional backup."

Gamigo run a number of browser based MMOS like Pirate Galaxy and Dungeon Online and an even greater number of client-based MMOs like Black Prophecy. They're also behind the upcoming Jagged Alliance MMO and the intriguing Otherland. Their games should continue to run but "registration, account management and payment services" are likely to stay down until the loophole has been closed. Hopefully they'll catch the problem soon enough.MM

Tom Senior

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