Thank you, Skate, for giving us a new I Think You Should Leave sketch

An Update from M-Corp | skate. - YouTube An Update from M-Corp | skate. - YouTube
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I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is one of the few truly good and pure things left in the universe: a sketch show that's just hit after hit after hit. Sloppy Steaks, Calico Cut Pants, TC Tuggers—each a work of mad genius. 

And now we've got M Corp: The Leader in Creative Accounting, a skit that ostensibly exists to reintroduce the world to Skate, reminding us all that it's still coming. But really it's a new ITYSL sketch to tide us over until the next series. 

Look, I'm just here for Robinson. I do have a skateboard, but only because I found it on the street 20 years ago and rode it home drunk. It's still with me, but you ain't getting me on it now. I'm way too old. I'm not even cool enough to play a skateboarding game.

But if you're looking forward to finally playing Skate, you'll be able to get your chance this autumn, though only on console. You can sign up for the console playtest now.

Fraser Brown
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