Starfield's first expansion, Shattered Space, will be out this fall

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We've been waiting for word on when Shattered Space, the first Starfield expansion, will arrive, and now we have it—or at least a somewhat narrower release window. During an interview with Kinda Funny Games today, Todd Howard revealed that the big add-on is expected to be out this fall.

Howard mentioned the detail in a conversation about a different Starfield update that's coming sooner. He said that Bethesda wants to serve players who love ship building, and that there's "some great stuff" coming in that department in an update that he expects will be announced sometime this week.

When asked whether that was connected to the Shattered Space expansion, Howard replied, "This is a separate update. Shattered Space is in the fall."

Even though it's far from precise, it's an unexpectedly off-the-cuff reveal for what has the potential to be a big moment for Starfield. Bethesda has been dutifully fixing bugs and making various gameplay tweaks, but calls for meaningful new content have gone unanswered. In December 2023, Bethesda said Shattered Space will include "new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more," but this is really the first we've heard about it since.

Howard talks about the next update to Starfield, and the Shattered Space launch window, beginning at the 34:30 mark.

Howard also touched on the long-awaited Starfield Creation Kit in the interview, which will enable more robust modding support in Starfield than has been available so far. It turns out that some Starfield content creators already have access to it, and the rest of us should be hearing more about it "soon."

"I don't have a date to announce on when its full release is coming," Howard said. "Really, really important to us. Our modders out there have been incredible. And a lot of those, I think before the Creation Club, and now our new Creators Program, I think one of the great things is, we get to see them kind of 'go pro,' and move from hobby to professional. We've hired some of them into the studio, but more so the ones who are out there just like, hey, I can make a living now, making stuff that's really really good content, I think those people deserve the attention and the praise for what they do in our games."

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