Dragon's Dogma 2 players figure out a way to convert mountains to pathways with the right attitude, a catapult, and a giant rock

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It really seems like there ain't no mountain high enough in Dragon's Dogma 2, as players just keep on finding cool new ways to explore the map and terrorise their pawns, and this latest discovery is no different. 

Recently, Twitter user Peppo_LS shared their newfound love of catapults with the world, demonstrating how they're more than just your average siege decorations. If you do manage to find a working catapult, then hurling rocks into the side of a mountain may well yield great results. 

In the video, Peppo hits a cliffside at just the right angle to open a secret pathway. The short clip has circulated around the Dragon's Dogma 2 community pretty quickly since, like a lot of the game's mechanics, it's often light on the explanatory details. There are no tutorials for catapults, so the fact that you can use them at all, not just for opening up new areas, is fantastic.

This new find has lit the fire under plenty of players' seats, with many commenters saying they'd love to try it out for themselves: "How do I still keep learning something new about this game every day even if I have 40 hours in," one user replies.

But if you thought that catapults were the only siege equipment you could use, you'd be mistaken. You can also interact with ballistas (via IGN). These weapons are great for making quick work of big and terrifying targets, since they have a very long range. By firing the piercing projectile from far away, you can deal up to 42.54x damage without having to get your hands too dirty, and it can even take down flying enemies. 

If you want to try out the catapults for yourself, all you have to do is find a working one, carry a rock over, and place it on the launch pad, which will trigger a short cutscene where you can see the catapult work. Then wait as your pawns reset it for you so you can have another shot. And who knows, maybe you can even try placing a pawn on the catapult to see if they can fly. You know, for science. 


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