Lootun is an auto-battling RPG for people who just really love managing their party's gear

Idle RPG lootun
(Image credit: ArrowSoftGames)

A new auto-battler RPG in the idle or incremental vein has released to pretty positive reception: Lootun, which describes itself as a game focused on "Character/Skill Progression, Item Hunting, and Inventory Management." With a slightly more focused loop of gathering gear and picking through it as your characters auto-battle enemies, Lootun is pretty focused and active compared to very idle-focused games and doesn't require long periods of inactivity to progress.

Early user reviews compare it to games like Melvor Idle and Adventurer Manager, and I'd agree—though after playing the demo I think it has a bit more visual character than the usual suspects in the genre. It also has a much better interface than some of the others—though still burdened by the genre's main conceit of being composed almost entirely of UI.

Whatever your opinion there Lootun definitely delivers on the "have lots of loot" experience, with 500+ equipment categories to collect items in and reroll modifiers on until you've got the perfect bit of gear for your character's slot.

Your parties are made up of a variety of characters, each of which levels up and gets new gear by being sent on adventures alone or with others. They draw from four classes, but each class has a bunch of default attacks, active skills, and defensive powers to choose and customize via passive tweaks—and those can be programmed to get used at different times or target specific kinds of monsters.

Lootun's endgame has a real MMO flair to it later on, having you collect powerful endgame enchantments and character-empowering alchemical flasks to take down extra powerful monsters in focused hunting quests.

You can find Lootun on Steam for $5.50, where there's also a demo to try out.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.