Content Warning has hit 1 million copies sold, which hopefully means we'll get some more Old World locations soon

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The co-op horror game Content Warning made a pretty big impression when it was released around a month ago. Landfall decided to make it free to download for the first 24 hours only, which brought in around 6.6 million users who then spent a great deal of time trying to film viral videos in the spooky Old World. 

Content Warning has already reached a couple of pretty impressive milestones, as it sold over 700,000 copies in just under two weeks and drew in more than 204,000 concurrent users on just its first day of release. But now, two weeks after first releasing, the co-op horror game has managed to sell over 1 million copies. 

Landfall celebrated the achievement in a short tweet: "Bring out the party poopers! Content Warning has now sold 1M copies on top of the 6.6M players that got the game for free! Thank you all so much for liking our scary lill game." 

But there's not much time to celebrate (as the replies to this tweet demonstrate)—there are still bugs in need of fixing and hungry players who want to experience even more silly shenanigans. A couple of players have pointed out that the extractions aren't working, or they are encountering crashes when trying to host or play the game. While there may not be a solution to every problem you're having in Content Warning right now, Landfall does encourage players to check out the FAQs to see if a fix can be found. 

All Landfall has teased so far in a Twitter reply is that it has "some fun updates and fixes on the way for you all!" When pressed for further details, and asked whether this means we'll finally get more locations to explore in the Old World, all the studio said was, "maybe".

So far, there are two main locations to explore: the Factory and the Harbour, which is on a ship. You can get six variants from each of these, and the map changes every three days (every quota). The layout stays the same, but different rooms can be blocked off entirely or barred with lasers stopping you from exploring entire sections. If you want to see decent detailed maps for these two sites, then I'd recommend taking a look at The Master Guide on Steam Workshop. 

I prefer the Factory and would always choose it over Harbour, as it has open spaces and good sightlines, so you can usually see the monsters before they are on top of you. But running around Harbour is a different story. It's small and cramped, with hallways weaving together like a maze—it's very easy to get lost and for a monster to attack you out of nowhere. So, while it'd be great to have another location added to Content Warning, I hope it takes more inspiration from the Factory and its spacious rooms rather than Harbour's panic-inducing labyrinths

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