You may be kicking yourself for deleting Destiny guns that are all of a sudden viable again, but one of the game's biggest YouTubers has been Marie Kondo-ing his friends' arsenals on camera for years

Cade 6 not doing so hot
(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie's announcement that it was undoing the 2020 mass weapon sunset that rendered a huge chunk of Destiny's arsenal obsolete was a surprise for everyone⁠—including Bungie, to be honest. The decision seems to have been borne of engine limitation necessity rather than any long-term balance plan for the game.

Few Destiny players were tugging at their collars harder than longtime YouTuber Datto though⁠—the video maker had a popular series where he'd show some tough love to fellow content creators and streamers, clearing out their limited vault space of weapons we had every reason to believe would never be relevant again. Turns out those videos were the Destiny equivalent of torching binders full of first run Pokémon cards.

To be clear, nobody's mad at Datto⁠—I don't think anybody's even that mad at Bungie. This is an old, well-healed wound, and the general mood seems to be more along the lines of "amused befuddlement." That hasn't stopped Datto from releasing a joking "my apology" video delivered in canceled YouTuber guy style. Punished "Venom" YouTuber.

Accompanied by his faux-distraught partner and their dog, Datto apologized to those whose arsenals he cleaned out, though he noted that "some of you still had straight dog in your vault." How many Kindled Orchid and Spare Rations hand cannons would still be here today were it not for Datto's actions?

"I got this one wrong, which is a first for Datto Does Destiny Inc. and HelloDatto subsidiaries." Datto said. "Effective immediately, Datto Vault Cleaning LLC will shut down operations, and all employees will be laid off." 

Honestly, the family Datto really nailed the uncomfy YouTube apology in their parody⁠—it's a PR move that really deserves the mockery. As for the rest of us, the Destiny vault paradigm is still completely flipped on its head: don't delete anything, ever. Honestly The Final Shape might be as exciting for all the stuff it's bringing back as it is for all new content.

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