Deep Rock Galactic is rolling out a feature to let you play old seasons

An in-development mockup of the season selection screen for Deep Rock Galactic
An in-development mockup of the season selection screen for Deep Rock Galactic (Image credit: Ghost Ship Games)

Cooperative shooter Deep Rock Galactic will soon let players take its old seasons of stuff out of the closet and take them for a spin. That means the first four rounds of themed extra stuff to do in Deep Rock will be available as their own game modes alongside a separate Vanilla module that can spit out events and game modes from every season—and all of that's coming as part of DRG season 5 this June.

As part of that, every single season's tree of unlockables, their Performance Pass and Cosmetic Tree, will be put back in circulation as part of their own seasonal play mode. If you played that season before, you'll get set back to where you were on that tree.

It's an approach we're seeing more and more limited-time-experience live service games adopt as time goes on: There's a lot of game to play, so why restrict it to a limited amount of time when people might not be able to play it? With the notable exception of genre-leader Destiny 2, of course, which routinely removes big chunks of stuff to keep the game install at a reasonable size.

A cooperative shooter about science-fiction Dwarven miners on a funky-shaped asteroid planet, Deep Rock Galactic has had serious staying power since its 2018 release. Two years of Early Access ended in 2020. and seasonal material has followed ever since—with Season 5 coming this June. The success of Deep Rock Galactic even let developer Ghost Ship create a publishing arm, Ghost Ship Games.

You can find the Seasons Q&A on Steam. More detail on Deep Rock Galactic's season 5 will come in a livestream on April 25 alongside more info on cooperative roguelike spinoff Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core, which plans to enter Early Access later this year.

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