Fan-made Fallout 2 first-person remake now has over 100 developers working on it, and is targeting a Steam release while making 'fast progress'

A mutated monster attacking in a toxic waste dump
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The upcoming fan-made Fallout 2 remake (known as Project Arroyo) is apparently making "fast progress," thanks to the 100-plus developers working on it, according to the project lead, Damion Daponte. If that isn't good enough news for you, there's also new concept art and trailers to look at. 

Recently, Daponte discussed Project Arroyo's progress in an interview with The Gamer and how the team will look to release it once it's ready. "I'm leaning towards doing what Enderal: Forgotten Stories (a Skyrim mod with a similar aim) did and putting it on Steam," Daponte says, "It's just a platform that everyone has. It's easier to access, easier to update, easier to install. It's just more efficient."

However, it's not just as easy as putting it on Steam. The team working on Project Arroyo needs to ensure that everything's in order so there are no legal issues. This is because Project Arroyo uses Fallout 4's creation engine to reimagine Fallout 2 in Bethesda's first-person style. 

"We would have to figure out all the specificity with [Steam], making it so you require Fallout 2 and Fallout 4 and all of its DLC to get it and make sure there are no legal issues. But we'll see—we're still looking into it. I'm personally leaning towards Steam." 

Daponte also discussed whether this could mean we see Project Arroyo on Steam Deck: "Maybe, we'll see. I don't even know if mods work well on Steam Deck, to be honest. I'd have to ask my friends." 

If you look at Project Arroyo's Twitter account, there's also tons of new concept art to browse, including one landscape of a new custom location, the Oakland Crater. Full of some nefarious-looking green liquid, this crater houses what looks like a bustle little town despite the waterfalls of radioactive goo raining down on it. There are also some cool mockups of a weapon called the Power Fist, which looks like it would definitely leave a mark if you were hit by it. The team is vocal on Twitter about any updates and news concerning the remake, so it's always the best place to check if you're curious about how things are going. 

But if concept art isn't enough right now, then you can also take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the original Fallout 2 and the upcoming mod. This short YouTube video shows off tons of locations, like the Temple of Trials, the hunting grounds and village, and the fluorescent green Toxic Caves. It's impressive to see just how well the team has recreated the original gritty atmosphere into a 3D first-person experience. Project Arroyo doesn't yet have a release date, though you can keep up with progress on the official Reddit.

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