Go-Go Town! looks like every cosy city builder's dream, and I am entirely too giddy about the fact I can high-five every animal

It took less than 10 seconds of Go-Go Town!'s trailer at the PC Gaming Show to reel me in: A game where I can build an arcade that has a sign referencing Street Fighter and a DDR-inspired cab inside? Prideful Sloth is a developer after my own heart, and I'm over here secretly hoping that I can build a thousand of them and rule over an arcade empire.

OK, I probably can't, but Go-Go Town! looks like it's gonna have a ton of neat ways to build and decorate my very own village. As the mayor of a rundown town, bringing the place back to life and persuading tourists to up sticks and become permanent residents will be mighty important. Different folk will be interested in different things: Fitness tourists will be tempted to move if there's plenty of gym equipment around, for example. They'll need a job and a home too, so finding the architectural balance between business and pleasure should be great fun.

When I eventually manage to tear myself away from  terraforming to my heart's content and meticulously placing each building, there'll still be plenty of other things happening in Go-Go Town! to tempt me. Everybody knows you can't call yourself a videogame unless you have fishing, and thankfully it looks like there'll be plenty of bodies of water for me to take my rod to in this game. There's also go-karting, skateboarding, cycling and what looks like a giant bubble gun which can be used to keep the streets clean. I'm not sure soapy pavements are what I'd constitute as "clean," but hey, everybody loves a good bubble or two.

If all of this sounds like a bit of you—it certainly sounds right up my alley—the good news is there's not too long a wait to get stuck in. The game's releasing in early access on June 18, and considering you can jump in and play with up to three pals, I think I'll be roping a buddy or two in to play with. Oh, and did I mention you can freakin' high-five the animals? Game of the Year material already, if you ask me.  

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

Mollie spent her early childhood deeply invested in games like Killer Instinct, Toontown and Audition Online, which continue to form the pillars of her personality today. She joined PC Gamer in 2020 as a news writer and now lends her expertise to write a wealth of features, guides and reviews with a dash of chaos. She can often be found causing mischief in Final Fantasy 14, using those experiences to write neat things about her favourite MMO. When she's not staring at her bunny girl she can be found sweating out rhythm games, pretending to be good at fighting games or spending far too much money at her local arcade.