Warzone hackers give overkill a new meaning by stuffing rockets into assault rifles, leaving victims clueless as to how it's even possible

Warzone 2 crossplay - two soldiers fighting in gulag
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The devil may work hard, but Warzone hackers have proven time and time again that they work harder, especially since they've found a new way to bring utter chaos to the game by loading what looks like rocket ammo into their weapons.

A now-deleted video taken by a bystander showed a couple of hackers wreaking havoc in a Warzone lobby by loading sniper rifles and other guns with rocket ammo and tearing apart the competition and the map along with them. 

Towards the end of the video, the player who encountered the hack was even able to pick up a tampered sniper rifle and fire a couple of explosive rounds themselves, showcasing yet again the chaos it can unleash. "I still won, but damn if it didn't ruin the game, lol", the player says in the thread. According to the person who found this, "even [AR] 60-round weapons can be affected". 

Others theorised that the hackers could be using explosive rounds like what the MORS gets after you pack-a-punch it. However, others think it could be a new ammo type for an unreleased mode in multiplayer called arcade, "the camo on their guns is also unreleased," someone replies. "They are cheating their asses off." 

Another player points out just how easy it is to access cheats for Warzone, "I got curious a couple of weeks ago and went looking around, I'm on console before anyone accuses me," Various-Departure679 says

"[The] cheat in this clip is adjacent to the speed hacks and one-hit melee from a couple months ago. It's something in the game files that someone figured out how to use in [Warzone] via hacks, but probably not sold on the big providers."

While people can't agree on exactly what these hackers are using, most are unified in the fact that they are definitely cheaters and should probably just be reported, although that doesn't always work. A good few people bring up Ricochet's flaws as an anti-cheat system: "Legit people will get a ban but not hackers," one player says

Most Warzone players don't love Ricochet. One problem is that the software has a kernel-mode driver that lets Activision access any bit of memory on your PC. However, cheaters can be such a pain in Warzone that most have just decided to bite the bullet and settle. "Something about giving Activision kernel-level access to my computer doesn't sit right with me... but at the same time, I've been killed by so many cheaters I could honestly give a shit at this point," user t_hugs3 says in an older thread on the subject. 

Regardless, the hackers in the clip were reported, so here's hoping swift justice is carried out so no one else has to deal with the chaos of 60-round weapons with rocket ammo blasting their lobbies to a shrapnel-filled pulp.

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