Lego goes all-out on a 3,745 piece D&D set with its own bespoke TTRPG adventure, but it'll set you back a dragon's ransom of $360

An image of a collaboration trailer between Wizards of the Coast and Lego for a Lego Ideas set.
(Image credit: LEGO / Wizards of the Coast)

As announced last year, a D&D and LEGO collab has been in the works for the TTRPG's 50th anniversary—including a LEGO Ideas set (formerly called Dragon Keep: Journey's End, now titled A Red Dragon's Tale), which was devised by a fan designer by the name of Lucas Bolt. 

The set's going to be a stonking 3,745 pieces, and it'll arrive with six unique minifigures and some monsters made out of bricks: A displacer beast, a beholder, some myconids, a mimic, and what appears to be a gelatinous cube which is, ah, a little less good than that promo suggested judging by this trailer, but the rest of the cast here is cute as heck. 

I'm especially a fan of the Owlbear. He's about to tear that adventurer a new one, but look at him. 

What's more, the set will also have its own bespoke D&D adventure that'll be free to download for LEGO Insiders, which as far as I can tell only requires a free account. However, the adventure will also arrive on D&D Beyond alongside character sheets for the minis provided by the set. There'll also be a paperback version available, but only for 2,700 "insider points", which you gain from buying other LEGO products.

The Red Dragon's Tale itself will be on sale $360 via the online store April 1 (April 4 if you're not a Lego Insider)—which is a lot pricier than most D&D miniature map sets. Dwarven Forge, for example, has full painted terrain sets for about $124-198 depending on how fancy you'd like to get with them. Still, this is a novelty item for a big-name crossover—and the fan designer will be getting a small part of the proceeds.

Speaking of, Lucas Bolt will also be taking part in a live streamed one-shot April 6, alongside LEGO designer Jordan Scott and some D&D guest stars. It'll be streamed on the LEGO website as well as D&D's YouTube and Twitch Channel, and here's a full rundown of the star-studded cast:

  • Anjali Bhimani, who has starred on both Critical Role's UndeadWood, Exandria Unlimited, and Candela Obscura—as well as Dimension 20's The Ravening War.
  • Luis Carazo, who has starred on Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited, Candela Obscura, and Geek & Sundry's LA by Night.
  • Ginny Di, a popular D&D YouTuber and cosplayer with a killer Jester impression.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more excited to see these folks take to the digital screen together—Luis Carazo absolutely killed it in Exandria Unlimited: Calamity as Zerxus, and I've been following along with Ginny Di's videos for a while now. Then again, I'm also just not a big LEGO head, and for the folks occupying the Venn diagram overlap of TTRPG-lover and brick gourmand, April's gonna be a really good month.

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