'We messed up!': An Apex Legends update broke the game and cost players hundreds of account levels and battle pass progression, but a fix is out

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Apex Legends is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, as players have reported account resets after the latest update. While the issue has now been fixed, there are still a couple of problems hanging around. Respawn has just told people to "hang tight" and wait for more information. 

It all started earlier today when Respawn made note of all the reports: "We've rolled out an update to address this issue. Any account logging in now will not experience any lost progress or content," says the Respawn Twitter account. "For players who are missing progress or content after our update this morning—please hang tight for now. We're working on an additional fix to restore your accounts to their state before our update, and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready."

Things may have been safe for players who entered Apex Legends after this bug was found, but those who logged in straight after the update saw their accounts royally messed with. One player, Bangaloaf, uploaded a screenshot to the Apex Legends subreddit showing how all their stats were erased. Other players explained in the comments how accounts lost around 100 levels or a few seasons' worth of content. 

"My game was running when the split reset; my account had gone down to level 1, so I restarted, assuming it was a small bug," EducationalWorld2149 explains. "When I opened the game up, it forced me into the cross-progression prompt where I saw I was over 100 levels less, and when loading in, I lost a bunch of progress/skins/apex coins/bp." 

To resolve all of this mess, Respawn decided to take the Apex Legends servers offline: "We messed up! We are deploying a fast fix to restore progress and content to affected accounts, but players will not be able to connect to the game during this time." The servers are back up and running now, so you can carry on playing without the worry of losing all your hard-earned levels. 

But Respawn is still figuring out how to restore all the progress players made over the last day or so, which will likely be the next task to check off its list now servers are back up. This fix has also meant that the new Ranked Split has been postponed for now. All we know so far is that it will have to be rolled out at a later date, according to Respawn

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