Splinter Cell fans are getting excited about a possible update on the remake in June

Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher's glowing green goggles
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

It's been more than two years since Ubisoft announced that the original Splinter Cell is getting a full remake, and we've heard virtually nothing about it since then. But eager fans are hoping that void will finally be filled during the next Ubisoft Forward showcase happening in June.

Ubisoft announced its next online showcase on April 3, promising new information on "updates and upcoming releases." No further details were shared—don't want to spoil any surprises—but long-suffering Splinter Cell fans perked up when Twitter user MauroNL3 noted that Ubisoft Toronto, the studio making the game, had changed its Facebook header and profile images to Sam Fisher's iconic glowing goggles just the day before.

(Image credit: MauroNL3 (Twitter))

It is, admittedly, very thin as evidence goes, and unfortunately there's not much to support it. Ubisoft didn't even acknowledge the existence of the game in its most recent financial report. On the other hand, it did say that the "extent" of its lineup for the next fiscal year, which will include Assassin's Creed Red, Star Wars Outlaws, and The Division Resurgence, will be revealed in its full-year financial results in May, indicating (or at least suggesting) that it's got some secrets to share.

Separate from that is the fact that it's been two-and-a-half years since the Splinter Cell remake was announced, and—Elder Scrolls 6 notwithstanding—that's an awful long time to go without providing some sort of meaningful update. It's not just a straight remaster: Ubisoft said in 2022 that it's "rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience," and the world itself has changed considerably since the first game debuted in 2002, which will presumably be reflected in the update. So it's understandable that the remake process would take more than a straight visual overhaul with control tweaks.

Still, man, it's been a long time, and fans (including me) are eager for news, even if it's just some boilerplate "it's coming along" and maybe a few screens. (Although I would definitely hope for more.) Thin or not, there's real excitement on Reddit for the possibility of some Splinter Cell news at Ubisoft Forward.

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For myself, I'm not quite ready yet to commit to being hopeful, but I definitely have my fingers crossed. The Ubisoft Forward livestream is set to take place on June 10.

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