Game Workers Unite UK becomes the country's first games industry union

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain has become the first trade union to represent members of the games industry. The UK chapter of Game Workers Unite, the international pro-union activist group, has joined the IWGB as its games industry branch and will hold its first meeting this weekend. 

Game Workers Unite UK describes itself as a “worker-led, democratic organisation that represents and advocates for UK game workers”. The union’s goals include ending excessive and unpaid overtime, improving diversity and inclusion, supporting harassed workers and ensuring a steady living wage for everyone.

The discussion of crunch during the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the reported "bro culture" at Riot are just two of the high profile cases that have lead to calls for developers to unionise.

The branch is open to current, former and prospective workers, which also includes contract, agency and casual workers. It is signing members up from today, and the first meeting—where union roles will be assigned and the constitution ratified—will take place on Sunday in London. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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