Game denies claims that their databases have been hacked


UPDATE: The Game statement has now been released. "We have thoroughly investigated the hacking claims made today by the website Pastebin, and can confirm that they are entirely false. The published email addresses are not registered users of, and there has been no breach of our database security," says Game's Anna-Marie Mason on MCV . "We would like to assure all our customers that their details are well protected, and advise anyone who has any questions to contact our customer services team via the website, our Facebook page or Twitter account."

ORIGINAL STORY: British retailer, Game, has had its records hacked, according to a report on Softpedia spotted on MCV . The hackers have posted 200 email addresses and passwords online. It's not known whether they also got their hands on any payment information but Game are due to release a statement shortly. Tasmanian site, Catalyst-Gaming, was also hacked, with similar results. If you have a Game login, you might want to jump in and change your password.

Tom Senior

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