Funny Diablo 4 glitch cuts out some of the grind in the new season

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Diablo 4 is all about the grind, which in game parlance is known as the Seasonal Journey: Completing various objectives to advance your character through multiple chapters that collectively tell the tale of the season. The first season, Season of the Malignant, is now underway, and a clever redditor named Gumby785 has figured out a way to save a big chunk of time along the way.

As explained by Wowhead, the third chapter of the current seven-chapter season requires players to obtain 10 caches from the Tree of Whispers, a process that understandably takes some time to get done—you don't want players blowing through this stuff in mere seconds, after all. Or do you?

Well, no, you don't, but it turns out that for this particular quest, you absolutely can. All you need to complete the objective is a single cache from the Tree of Whispers: Just pick it up, put it down, pick it up again, put it back down again, and repeat 10 times until the goal is complete.

It's surely a bug, but according to Reddit, the trick was still working as of 22 minutes ago. I would expect it to be corrected fairly soon, although frankly I think Blizzard could earn some gamer goodwill by letting it slide since it's kind of funny and not disruptive enough to throw the game wildly out of balance. And technically, you are obtaining a cache 10 times, right?

Here it is in action, courtesy of redditor DigitalDreamArt. Pick it up, put it down, go to town!

Chapter 3 - Get 10 Tree Caches EZ from r/diablo4

This cache bug, and Blizzard's plan for it, may come up during the developer update—a "Campfire Chat"—that Blizzard has coming later today. It's set to begin at 11 am PT/2 pm ET, and will address the feedback the development team has received on the widely-disliked 1.1 patch that dropped earlier this week. The Campfire Chat will be available on Twitch and YouTube.

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