FSP launches three new modular power supplies with flat ribbon cables

FSP is back with yet another power supply line, the Hydro GE series, which is available in 450W, 550W, and 650W models. Each unit is fully modular and comes with flat black ribbon cables to help build a clean looking PC.

These are all 80 Plus Gold certified, guaranteeing a minimum of 90 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. They also boast a single +12V rail design and 100 percent Japanese electrolytic capacitors. FSP doesn't mention which model caps it's using here, only mentioning they're of the "highest quality."

Another thing FPS is pitching with this PSU line is the ability to change the side graphics.

"For DIY enthusiasts and gamers, Hydro GE series is the first power supply that features changeable logos, three kinds of changeable side stickers you can show your style and fit your preferences," FPS says.

We prefer reliability over looks, though on paper anyway, the Hydro GE series seems solid.

Each of the three models comes with the following connectors:

  • 1x ATX 20+4 pin
  • 1x 4+4 pin
  • 12x SATA
  • 3x molex (peripheral)
  • 1x floppy

For powering discrete graphics cards, the 450W model also has two 6+2 pin connectors, while the 550W and 650W models come with four of them.

FSP did not say when these new PSUs will be available or for how much.

Paul Lilly

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