Frozen Synapse gets single player beta, pre-orders cheaper than ever

The sequel, Chilled Frontal Lobe, is already in production.

RPS have news that Frozen Synapse now has a 55 mission single player campaign, available to everyone involved in the beta. The missions will challenge players to "escort VIP's, assassinate nefarious scientists, rob banks, conduct honey-trap operations and defend confused philosophers."

Everyone who has pre-ordered the game will have access to the beta, and by startling co-incidence, the developers have just announced a pre-order sale that knocks 30% off the price. Every purchase of Frozen Synapse also comes with an extra free copy that you can give to a friend.

To find out why Frozen Synapse is such an exciting prospect, check out Evan's Frozen Synapse preview . The single player campaign will revolve around the war between corporate magaliths and the futuristic cult known as the Blue Sunlight Foundation. Every mission will have a different objective, but will take place in a randomly generated level. If you like a particular iteration of a level, you can even save it to replay it again and again at your leisure.

New units, AI allies, laser tripwires and "rapping hackers" will all make an appearance in the campaign. Frozen Synapse is available to pre-order now from the Frozen Synapse site . the devs say "to get 30% off the pre-order, all human beings have to do is use the code STANCHER during the order process." That places pre-order prices at approximately £12/$18.

Each purchase comes with a free extra copy for a friend, and will grant you additional Steam keys when the game's out. A release date is coming soon.

Tom Senior

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