Frostpunk has sold 3 million copies, so 11 Bit Studios is having a sale

Three-year-old city builder and sad survival management sim Frostpunk has sold three million copies, developer 11 Bit Studios has announced. That's a lot of children forced to haul coal and a lot of factory workers with frozen limbs given steampunk replacements. 11 Bit Studios is celebrating the occasion by having a Steam sale on all its games until April 26.

They're collected together in three tiers of bundle, each discounted by over 80 percent. One is a Starter Bundle containing nine of their early classics (five of which are the Anomaly series of reverse tower defense games), one a Complete Bundle that gives you all of the studio's games, and finally there's an Ultimate Bundle containing all of 11 Bit's games as well as all the DLC released for them so far.

You can also pick the games up individually. Frostpunk is 66 percent off, shopkeeping sim/dungeon crawler Moonlighter is 70 percent off, pixel art detective adventure Beat Cop is 80 percent off, and the rest of the catalogue is discounted too.

Soundtracks for Frostpunk expansions The Last Autumn and On The Edge have just been released as well. They're part of the season pass and will be coming to streaming services soon.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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