Frostpunk board game Kickstarter gets full funding in under an hour

(Image credit: 11 bit studios)

Back in June we learned that post-apocalyptic city building-slash-survival sim Frostpunk would be getting a board game spin-off, with a Kickstarter appeal to fund the project expected this autumn. Well, the campaign went live yesterday; and there wasn't much time to build up the suspense, because the funding goal of €200,000 was reached in just 54 minutes.

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At the time of writing pledges have now exceeded €640,000 and are still happily ticking along—and with 21 days still to go on the campaign, it's probably safe to say they're going to reach a lot of their stretch goals too. Several stretch goals have already been teased, though there's no confirmation yet on exactly when and how they will be unlocked. Looking at the Kickstarter page—with its attractive and informative infographics that are nevertheless already out-of-date—you get the impression that this campaign is going a lot better than the developers dared to hope for.

With the board game expected to ship in October 2021, fans of Frostpunk can content themselves with the fact that the videogame that started it all is now officially complete, after its third and final expansion came out in August. That leaves a whole year for you to wrestle with every brutally tough decision in the PC version before turning your attention to the board game.

The Kickstarter campaign for Frostpunk: The Board Game runs until 2am UTC on October 29th.