Frontiers update shows new terrain and lighting for the open world RPG

Last month, Frontiers successfully capitalised on its promise of open-world exploratory freedom and cleared both its Kickstarter target and all planned stretch goals. All that, despite being named Frontiers, a name which you'd be forgiven for having forgotten before the end of this sentence. Now, its creator Lars Simkins has posted the first video update since the end of the campaign, revealing the game's fancy new terrain textures and lighting, as well as details of the planned alpha tests.

The alpha is now scheduled for mid-late September, and will focus on a single island with completed textures, cities and NPCs. Simkins explains that it will be a barebones representation of the game, but it should nevertheless give backers their first sampling of how the world will work.

I talked to Lars about his plans and philosophies for the game during the Kickstarter campaign. Of course, since then, the scope increased dramatically when all the stretch goals were met and further fan-requested features were approved, including seasons, archaeology, and a giant ruined tower to explore.

Phil Savage

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