From Baldur's Gate to Dragon Age - a classic RPG cinematic gets a new dimension

There's not long to go until the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition lands, but it's not the only project trying to give those RPGs a spit-polish. The Baldur's Gate 2 Redux team is working on porting the sequel to the Dragon Age engine. One module came out in 2010, covering the opening torture dungeon , with the second, Athkatla, currently in the works, and the rest hopefully coming sometime this century.

The most recent release though is cool for fans even if it's not playable - a Dragon Age engine recreation of that act, after the player escapes the dungeon to find David Warner voiced baddie Irenicus, pictured above looking very bored with the programming on his crystal ball one Sunday afternoon, taking on the whole city in magical combat. First spotted on David Gaider's Twitter feed , you'll find it here.

For reference, this is what it looked like originally:

2D or 3D, Irenicus' head still looks silly. But that's a nice transition between dimensions, we must say. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the highest, definitely a 94% in anybody's books.