Freejack: free to play parkour racer

freejack thumb

There's a trailer of this colourful feet-based racing game below, but please, mute your speakers before you play it. That sort of thing has got to be bad for the environment.

If you don't know what parkour is, think Mirror's Edge or Assassin's Creed. Climbing, hopping, running on tiny ledges, swinging from things, doing wall jumps, back flips - using your whole body to traverse urban landscapes with preternatural ease. Crucially, this is a real thing that people actually do . That's the beauty of parkour - it's a real life superpower. Then you get Freejack , with its jump pads and crackling energy auras. You can customise your character with a bunch of silly clothes, and increase your speed by doing tricks. You can also jostle people as you run past, like some sort of oik.