FreeCiv available in HTML5 browsers, worldwide productivity plummets

FreeCiv has been in development since 1995, but that doesn't mean it's stuck in the past. Everyone's favorite not-Civilization nation-builder is now playable in browsers and on mobile devices so you can fully lose every waking moment enjoy multiplayer games anywhere you go.

The opensource 4X title is compatible with HTML5 browsers, so you can play in Chrome or Firefox without installing it on—let's be honest here—your workplace Mac or PC. I don't think anyone's under any illusions about what this particular version will be used for. You may be in a beige-walled cubicle tomorrow, but your brain (and your browser) will be sending out scouts and making trade treaties with foreign dignitaries.

I'd love to see offices spending less time on March Madness brackets and fantasy football teams to indulge in something really fascinating: weeks-long exercises in fraught diplomacy and backstabbing! Between FreeCiv and Neptune's Pride , any office should be able to find a strategy game that is right for them. After all, you'll never really get to know a coworker until you betray them horribly.

Check out the FreeCiv wiki to help get you started, then get busy conquering the world.