Free stuff for your free games: Need for Speed World giveaway


Battlefield Heroes isn't super serious and it isn't super competitive, but I still have fun bouncing around inside there from time to time, sneaking around cartoon European towns and backstabbing Nazi knock-offs. (Or seeing how high I can jump on its absurd moon map .)

But two of those goofy vehicles in BFH just made the leap into the super serious, super competitive world of EA's racing MMO, Need For Speed World. We've got codes to unlock these high-end racers, along with some starter packs of cash shop coin and beginner cars.

Winners can redeem their codes at this page . Just sign into your account (or create one) and enter your code on the right side of the page in the box that says "Redeem Code."

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling us what vehicle you'd drive in NFSW if every vehicle from every video game ever made was included. The winners will be selected at random on Friday, June 29 and we'll contact them directly at the email address used to register their account on this site.

Even if you don't win, you can download play Need For Speed World or Battlefield Heroes for free. And EA's been doing their own giveaway this week as well, so you can hop on over there if you want to increase your odds of winning something from somebody!