Forza Horizon 4 super wheelspin guide: How to earn the biggest loot drops

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Wheelspins are a real masterstroke in the Forza Horizon formula. Where the racing games of old would simply give you a fixed number of credits after each event, wheelspins turn the whole endeavour into an automotive gameshow where every chequered flag is a chance to either win big or curse the gods as the needle lands agonising inches away from giving you a Koenigsegg.

New to Forza Horizon 4, super wheelspins are exactly what they sound like: three spins in one. Three chances to walk away with a huge credits haul, three new hypercars, or—forced smiles at the ready—some new horns, gestures, and clothing items. 

Unlike normal wheelspins, which you accrue every time you level your avatar up, super wheelspins are showered on you more sporadically. So in this guide we’ll break down exactly when and how they’re triggered, arming you with the knowledge to go out there and grind until you forgot there was a driving game underneath the Wheel of Fortune sim you now find yourself in.

Buy super wheelspins for 150FP at the #Forzathon Shop 

This is the simplest method: a straightforward transaction in the #Forzathon Shop. If you’re wondering why you can’t see that yet, be aware that you need to play one complete season cycle before all game features become available. Seasonal events where you’ll earn FP, along with the store to spend them in, don’t pop up into your menu until you join the Horizon Festival in (spoilers) your second summer in the game. 

150FP is a fairly steep price, so you’ll need to really mainline the Forzathon events if you want to grind super wheelspins this way. No getting distracted with solo races.

Buy houses 

Here’s a new concept for the fourth Horizon: owning properties dotted around the map. Each house bestows a few little benefits on you once you buy it, and as you might expect the degree of those benefits scales up with the cost of the property. Lake Lodge costs 5,000,000 credits, for example, and permanently doubles all your FP earnings, speeding up your super wheelspin grind in one way. Derwent Mansion gifts you two super wheelspins off the bat for 1,500,000 Credits, so that’s another way to accrue them. 

Check your messages for gifts 

The first day Forza Horizon 4 launched, I saw a message from Playground Games pop into my inbox. It contained a gift of two super wheelspins, which is awfully nice. Sure, those wheelspins netted me two pairs of glasses, two horns, one car and a meagre amount of credits, but it’s the thought that counts. I guess.

Consistent with Forza Horizon 3, you’ll see these messages pop up from time to time. It might be to celebrate an in-game event, apologise for server downtime, or just to keep you interested. In any event, worth checking out.

Rake in the loyalty rewards 

This one isn’t really an applicable grinding/cheesing tip, unless you’re really dedicated, but it’s useful to know. 

Loyalty rewards are arranged in tiers, and you ascend the tiers by reaching milestones like hitting certain player levels, earning gamerscore, buying vehicles, and there are even a couple of bonuses for having played the previous games. Each tier from 2 to 12 grants you a super wheelspin, in addition to regular weekly income scaling from 25,000 Credits at tier 2 to 75,000 Credits at tier 13. It’s worth ascending the ranks, then. 

Earn super wheelspins in My Horizon Life

Here’s where the real grind kicks in. My Horizon Life is a fancy name for a menu system which tracks where you’re at with Forza Horizon 4’s many, many event types, and you earn bonuses by ascending the ranks in these event types. Reaching level 5 in a certain discipline—road racing, for example—grants a super wheelspin, but you can also earn them by levelling up your car painting or tuning, explorer, car collector, speed trap, or any other of the myriad skills FH4 keeps track of. 

An alternative strategy

As exciting as it may be to stand before three spinning wheels, it’s perhaps a more effective strategy to focus on earning regular ol’ wheelspins. These happen every time you level up, and you can buy them with vehicle perks, too. There’s a double-whammy here: spend vehicle perks on a single car until it’s maxed out and you’ll level up really quickly in it, earning wheelspins at a faster rate. This was the old Forza Horizon 3 cheesing strategy: running that mega-long race around the island perimeter in a car with skill/speed boosts and a ton of perks. It appears that strategy still works in Britain for the new game.  

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