Forza Horizon 4 car list: The best cars for every season and PvP

Image via Redditor Kennett-Ny

Image via Redditor Kennett-Ny

Forza Horizon 4's car list is daunting. With more than 1000 cars, it can be tough figuring out which rides are the best when you’re just getting started and wondering where to spend your credits. The introduction of seasons also means that the world's roads and tracks place very different demands on your vehicle in summer and winter. A car you love driving in the spring may not be right for you when everything freezes over.

In putting together a car list of Forza Horizon 4's best wheels, we pinpointed a few key areas: overall speed and handling, winter suitability, and boosts for credits/level grinding. You can also check out our guide to earning super wheelspins to unlock cars more quickly. With all that in mind, let’s hit the road with our fleet of Forza Horizon 4's best cars.

Koenigsegg One:1 

Price: 2,850 Credits
Class/performance rating: S2 993

Yep, again. FH3 players will have already spent a lot of time in the One:1 thanks to its peerless straight line speed and surprisingly nimble handling, and despite the inclusion of a few new supercars in FH4, this remains the quickest overall car.

Why does that matter? Well, while it’s true that you can compete in any vehicle you choose in the vast majority of FH4’s events, when you do it in a One:1, you complete them quicker. That means blitzing through the game faster and earning credits at a faster rate. Chances are you’ll earn a lot of ultimate high speed bonuses each race too, which will help tick up your influence and unlock car perks—and if you invest those perks back into this car, the more you earn again.

The only downside to the One:1, other than its silly name, is that it doesn’t currently have a Forza Edition, so it doesn’t have a speed, credits, or clean/dirty racing boost baked into it. And that leads us rather neatly onto our next pick.

Pagani Zonda Forza Edition 

Price: 1,950 Credits (Free with VIP pass)
Class/performance rating: S2 986

What the Zona lacks in outright pace against the One:1, it makes up for with the following: it’s free for all VIP pass owners, handles like a dream, comes in a solid gold finish, and offers a clean skills boost. Like the Koenigsegg, it’s great for finishing solo events quickly and when you move onto PvP, its starting performance rating of 986 means there’s not much more needed in order to max it out to 999.

Other racers might have a slight straight line speed advantage at 999, but this is one of the easier hypercars to keep control of throughout a race—it even handles reasonably well in the snow, although we wouldn’t recommend buying one specifically for that purpose. That’s where our next pick comes in.

Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX 

Price: 500,000 Credits
Class/performance rating: S1 886

Without a doubt the best car for winter. Fitted with snow tires and balanced perfectly for loose surface handling, the catchily named Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX garnered fame under Ken Block’s control in various Gymkhana stunt videos on YouTube. If you’re not into that ‘Three different Prodigy album covers having a fight’ paintjob, you can always apply a custom spray—black’s my pick. 

Even outside of winter, you won’t find a higher performance car for dirt racing and rally events, which makes that 500,000 Credits price tag look positively bargainous. In PVP racing you want a car that retains its balance and easy steering when you max out its performance rating, and that’s exactly what this garish vehicle offers. The only significant downside is a surprisingly low top speed, but during most offroad race types you won’t be hitting the limiter much anyway, so it’s only an issue while freeroaming.

Lamborghini Veneno 

Price: 4,500,000
Class/performance rating: S2 943

I'm still on the fence about this, but pending the release of any further Forza Edition cars, this might be the best PvP multiplayer car. When you’re grinding through solo events we still recommend the One:1 because you’ll have a better chance of acing the speed traps, and because your drives between events will be that tiny bit faster. But when you’re bumper-to-bumper with human opponents, the Veneno’s tradeoff of top speed for handling and acceleration might just come out trumps.

Audi TTS Coupe 

Price: 52,000 Credits (Free at first road racing event)
Class/performance rating: A 740

Approaching the problem of vehicles from a different perspective, the TTS Coupe you’re offered gratis at the game’s very beginning is a fantastic and surprisingly versatile proposition. It can be upgraded all the way up to an S2 944 for much less than the cost of a real hypercar, is one of the best vehicles in the A category, provides easy and stable handling over road races, and since you can compete in any car during each event there’s no pressing imperative on you to sell up for hours. Weeks, even.