Where to find every time trial location in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 7 is just one week away, so it's time to finish up all those challenges you've left behind. A challenge in the third week of Fortnite Season 6 brings back a classic video game activity from years gone by—time trials. There are five total time trial locations around the map, and you'll need to complete three of them to finish the challenge which will reward you with 10 Battle Stars.

The time trials themselves are simple enough, but you might find yourself being impeded by other players who are just trying to play the game like normal by shooting you in the face. If you want a better chance at running the trials in peace and quiet, head to the 50v50 mode.

Once the trial begins, keep running to pick up the next marker that appears. You'll need to pick up all of them before the time expires. You may need to build ramps and planks to get to the next ones, so trial and error and a few tries might be necessary.

Check out the map and video below to find out exacly where each time trial is located in this week's Fortnite challenge.