Fortnite is giving you a fortnight to live out your werewolf fantasies

Fortnite's getting furry. Wait, no, not like that. It's part of the game's Halloween Fortnitemares event, and it means players in Epic's empire will soon be able to transform themselves into werewolves, lending them new, lycanthropic abilities in the form of claws and heightened senses. Also, an NPC called DJ Lyka will be throwing shapes in the church of dance at the spot where you transform, because this is still Fortnite.

We've already got a handy guide on how to turn into a werewolf in Fortnite for this event, so I'll skip the step-by-step here, but the powers that lycanthropy grants you sound like an interesting Halloween spin on Fortnite's regular gameplay. First up, you've got claws, which do pretty much what you'd expect: You'll be able to slash and air slash your opponents to ribbons with werewolf-y melee combos. But being a werewolf also grants you the "wolfscent" ability, which will let you mark and track enemies within a certain radius, and letting foes track you with the same power in return.

The Fortnitemares event also sees the return of the Horde Rush mode, which will actually persist until November 15, two weeks after the Halloween event ends on November 1. This is Zero Build Horde Rush, mind you, meaning your team will have to deal with scads of enemies without the ability to build structures to assist you. 

The Halloween event also introduces a variety of quests you can complete for XP, goodies, and "pleasant surprises." Two new quests will unlock every day over the course of 14 days, and you'll run out of time to finish them when the event ends on November 1. Not to worry, though: The Horde Rush mode will also be getting a set of quests you can complete for "special rewards," but only after the conclusion of the Fortnitemares event.

Epic is also adding a couple of new, spooky outfits to the game, and there are some Halloween-themed islands for your perusal in the Discover Screen. That's it for now, and remember: You've got until November 1 to experience all this stuff before it gets wiped away. Don't worry if you get stuck on something, though, we almost certainly have a Fortnite guide ready to go for pretty much any problem you might have.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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