Flash 11 out in two weeks, claims to be "a thousand times faster" than previous versions

In a fortnight Flash 11 will launch, and it promises to be a very different creature to the 2D engine we're used to. Flash will be embracing the third dimension in a big way. Gamersmint highlighted the trailer above, with words from Adobe platform manager, Danny Winokur. “With direct access to the GPU [graphics processing unit], you'll see a thousand times faster rendering over prior versions of Flash,” he says.

The video above goes into detail about their new molehill infrastructure that enables this mega-boost in processing power. Flash 11 will face plenty of stiff competition from other powerful plug in suites like Unity, but more powerful browser engines can only be a good thing for market that grows busier by the day. Do you play many browser-based games? Would you play more if they were 3D, and running at 50 frames per second?

Tom Senior

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