Firewatch will take around six hours to complete, dev explains


Firewatch finally releases on February 9, and judging by recent gameplay footage and Wes's observations, it's a game I'll definitely be checking out. I look forward to taking my sweet time in the game's 1980s version of the Wyoming wilderness, but if you're eager to burn through the story elements, it'll probably take around six hours.

That's according to Campo Santo designer and programmer Nels Anderson, speaking to WCCF Tech. "It’s pretty hard to say since there’s actually quite a lot of 'off the beaten path' areas in the game that players won’t have to visit," Anderson said in response to queries about the game's length.

"On average, I’d say maybe 5-6 hours … ? When I play it, it feels comparable to the length of a trilogy of movies or a TV mini-series."

Anderson also ruled out VR support in the immediate future, citing the difficulty of adapting a game developed for monitors to a headset. Still, it's likely modders will beat them to it, if Firewatch proves to be as compelling as it looks.

Shaun Prescott

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